the first

Why have I decided to blog?  To be honest I’m not completely sure.  Part a desire to express myself, part a hope I might be able to help a few people and part ….something else.  Therapy maybe?

My posts may be wide ranging – let’s just see how it goes.  Things I know I’d like to write about include some basic financial education for all our futures, and some personal coaching stuff. But I’m sure my personal mental health and learning disability battles will also figure quite prominently and my current struggles towards a happy and healthy future.

Oh and I promise there will be some funny stuff too :).

So maybe that’s what my blog is about – ways to be happier in a world that can sometimes be overwhelming.

I intend to learn as I go, so forgive me when I miss the mark.  And I appreciate any help and feedback – this is all about growing.

Much love



5 thoughts on “the first”

    1. Thank you – just feeling my way at the moment but I’m a quick learner! 🙂 hoping to make the site one people find really helpful as we all try to navigate our way through the world.


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