three is a magic number

So my post today will be the upbeat one I promised.  The crisis has passed and I’m feeling hopeful, dare I say happy.  I did all the things my brilliant therapist I was seeing last year recommended to me and it worked!  This is the first time I have faced the dark abyss since I stopped seeing her (and I’m off meds) so I feel really proud of how I’ve pulled through on my own.

Self care, reflection, mindfulness, rest, starting this blog, and a sudden moment of insight that I’m no use to me or to anyone else if I don’t put me first, and suddenly things have fallen into place.  I know I need to be vigilant and complacency is something I can’t afford, but I really do feel a sense of peace and calm that is both unusual and wonderful.

I am perfectly aware, and accepting of the fact that I will face challenges in the future, but   I really feel, for the first time in my life that I have the tools to control the demons. Not today, because for now I need to focus on me, but soon, I will start sharing my journey to where I am now, to help the many people I know face similar issues.

For now, much love to all

Karen xx



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